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June 12th, 2021

Treating the fans to both a lyric-filled and instrumental version, Ben Lazarus has made his quick return with the release of “Sunnyvale”. We are totally loving this one! Read along with us for our complete review of the track, in addition to a background on the artist as well.

Currently representing the Los Angeles music scene, Ben Lazarus’ latest “Sunnyvale” is based on the town he grew up in. Showcasing an absolute minefield of thoughtful guitar hooks and nostalgic lyricism, Lazarus looks back to a different time in a different era.

Signed to Napier Records in 2021, this artist is certainly on the path to success

with each subsequent release.

Having written and recorded songs consistently over the past 15 years, “Sunnyvale” is just another representation of the diversity in sound that Lazarus continues to put out. Honestly, we felt it was entirely reminiscent of an early Dinosaur Jr. track, however from us that’s about as high of a compliment as you can give seeing as though we’re in love with that sound. The somber sounding lyric delivery is perfection, but the instrumentation from start to finish is really what kept us hooked and replaying.

On the instrumentation though, the artist did us the massive favor of even including a full instrumental version for those who are just looking to rock out. As awesome as the vocal inclusion was, it gives the listener a sort of choose your own adventure route which allows them to enjoy either, or both, which we’ll keep coming back to.

The background and origins of the track were quite interesting to learn about as well. It’s essentially a love letter to a place that has transformed from a small agricultural community into a bustling village of high tech companies that draw professionals and their families from all over the world. This song has encapsulated the greatness of the town and its values as well, but ultimately shown through how incredible Lazarus is a musician and talent overall.

It should come as no surprise, but we definitely recommend a listen of the track and an exploration of the artist’s discography as well. Do yourselves a big favor and listen, follow along,

and keep up by clicking the links below.

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