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April 15, 2021

Capturing the disorienting shift to a new normal of life in the pandemic, ‘Going to the Store’ is the latest single to be released from L.A based artist Ben Lazarus. Started in 2005, this upbeat song was left unfinished until 2020, when Lazarus found himself with time in his life to make music again. Lazarus recently signed to Napier Records, a new label founded

by Academy award-winning filmmaker Andrew Napier.

A keyboard player since the age of 7, Ben Lazarus has picked up several instruments along the way. Becoming part of numerous garage bands in the San Francisco Bay area, eventually completing the line-up for post-punk band Stunt Monkey. After five years of recording and touring, Lazarus moved to Los Angeles and became a production sound mixer for film and television. Over the next 15 years, he wrote and recorded songs

at home while working quietly behind the scenes. 

‘Going to the Store’ is a bright and witty tune laced in Ben Lazarus’ catchy indie rock. The track floats upon a light zesty indie guitar refrain which bounces through the soft beat allowing the clever lyrics become the main focus. Lazarus’ warm vocals nonchalantly discuss how the mundane act of grocery shopping feels treacherous now, due to the pandemic. The track has a sun-kissed indie rock tone with smooth melodies and radiant guitars maintaining the song’s warmth and feathery lightness. With delicate and sprightly instrumentation creating a buoyant lift,

‘Going to the Store’ is an enjoyable listening experience.

Author: Danu

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