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1 artist is better then 100 artists that don't get proper attention from their record label.

That sums everything up. We are extremely picky about who we sign, more so than ANY other label on the planet. How else could we deem ourselves "The Most Exclusive Record Label in the World"?

Personally I don't much like the word "sign". I don't think of us "signing" bands. I think of it as a partnership.

I'm an artist myself. A filmmaker, among other arts & crafts, finger painting random people's houses, etc. 

I designed this label from an artist's perspectiveI created & run it based on the golden rule: the way I wish any company representing & responsible for distributing my own work would be.

I love music & if wonderful music is being made & no one is hearing it then I want to change that.

Stay Healthy & Rock On.

Yours truly,

~ Andrew Napier

Flounder & C3PO

Napier Records LLC

We may or may not be in touch but we appreciate you all the same!

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