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Ben Lazarus: About
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Ben Lazarus put a red Yamaha Key-tar (pictured below) on layaway at the tender age of 7 years old and still plays that axe 32 years later. Along the way he picked up several other instruments and joined a series of garage bands in the San Francisco Bay Area. A few months out of high school he was recruited by power-trio Stunt Monkey to play lead guitar- rounding out the pop punk band into a quartet. 


After 5 years of recording and touring, Lazarus moved to Los Angeles and became a production sound mixer for film and television. Over the next 15 years he wrote and recorded songs at home while working quietly behind the scenes. 

Many of Lazarus’ songs featured drum tracks by his younger brother Jonathan (pictured to the right, in the red cape), who tragically took his own life in 2013. Like the biblical character Lazarus, Jonathan’s drumming rises from the grave in the completed songs of the upcoming album Shelter in Place.



In March of 2021 after brutal negotiations, grueling ornithology, and some light boxing, Lazarus finally agreed to partner with Napier Records (woah, that's this website... trippy). Initially they released a slew of old recordings that were completed recently thus culminating in their first extended play album The Spacecase EP. Following that they began to systematically put out a new song each month that will lead up to Lazarus' first LP titled Shelter In Place. This began with the single Going to the Store released on April 1st to rave reviews

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Ben Lazarus - Going To The Store (Lyric Video)
Ben Lazarus - Spacecase [Official Audio]
Ben Lazarus - Grace [Official Audio]
Ben Lazarus - SAD [Official Audio]
Ben Lazarus - Spell Trouble [Official Audio]
Ben Lazarus - Big Wang's [Official Audio]
Ben Lazarus - Attack The Idiot Box [Official Audio]
Ben Lazarus - Going To The Store [Official Audio]
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